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Our Approach

Codence focused on an efficient process – it was important to the team at W.W. Reynolds that they make incremental changes, test new ideas, and keep budget on track. Codence used a cycle of small sprints to roll out new features and preserve flexibility, visibility, and control. By using agile project management, W.W. Reynolds could easily review priorities and make feature changes to fit their dynamic business needs.

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“With Codence we found how straightforward these improvements could be to roll out and got much needed insight on ways to accomplish other desired features.”

- Luke Arrington, Director of Property and Asset Management

Our Approach

By understanding their business, language, and culture, Codence was able to co-create RHONDA, a custom CRM built with Claris FileMaker, that would save them hundreds, if not thousands of hours each year while increasing the quality of experience for their patrons.

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180 hours

Transferred per year from administration to serving families


Saved per year in overhead

Our Approach

Left Bank needed to escape the work rut by streamlining processes while saving time and money. Codence solved Left Bank’s problems by reducing inefficient business processes, and giving them confidence in their data.

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“There are other systems out there that are specifically designed for our industry, but when we talk with our counterparts who use these systems, there are frustrations they have that we don’t. Getting live information, creating custom reports, and ease of training and upgrading are all things that we value in Genesis.”

– Stacy Sandler, President

Our Approach

Codence helped MotherWise escape the “work rut” with FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform. By streamlining MotherWise’s workflow process, staff now spends seconds doing work that used to take them hours. Through the use of encryption, MotherWise can also enjoy the accessibility of a hosted solution while knowing that their participant data is always safe.

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Now they save 200 hours of work, dozens of documents, occasional data entry errors, and prevented deeper analysis beyond the simplest summaries.

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