FileMaker solution in front of Tableau integration

incredibly flexible

Connect FileMaker to other technologies, data sources, web sites, and more.

The unified Claris platform, including its FileMaker cornerstone, is incredibly versatile. It combines data, business logic, and interface layers into one environment — and then interconnects that platform to the wide array of technologies in our world today.

Easily share data with other web services and applications using REST APIs, cURL options, and JSON functions. Connect to other data sources such as SQL, XML, ODBC/JDBC and others.

You don’t live in isolation, and neither
should your FileMaker apps.

The developers at Codence have built hundreds of database solutions over the span of decades. We’re experts in finding pragmatic solutions that make sense. We look for the right answer and explore all the pros and cons with you, regardless of whether we’re talking about native Claris FileMaker functionality, the tools we use in Genesis Financial Suite, or some other technology.


Genesis Integration

Genesis Financial Suite is built to work together, or you can use each module separately.

In every case, Genesis allows you to tightly interweave your own Claris FileMaker solutions into its functionality. While some portions of the Genesis files are locked — to allow us to upgrade its features — you have full access to Layout mode and own all your own data.

We use what we call a “link” file to share data between Genesis and your Claris FileMaker apps. The integration makes use of native Claris FileMaker techniques and allows you to then create relationships and connections into Genesis Accounting, Genesis Business Metrics, and Genesis Transactions.

With everything built on FileMaker, we believe you can get the best of both worlds: leverage the rock-solid accounting, reporting, and business functions in Genesis Financial Suite while extending and using Claris FileMaker to tailor those needs that are truly unique to your business.

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