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Genesis Financial Suite: One Robust, Flexible Solution for Your Business Needs

With one single solution to manage your entire business, from operations to accounting to business analysis, you can:

  • Make more informed business decisions faster
  • Work more efficiently by streamlining workflows
  • Use efficient, innovative, low-cost technology tools
  • Solve your business challenges through the power of FileMaker

With Genesis Financial Suite, you get all this control right out of the box, together with all the flexibility you need to adapt it to your business—your platforms, your existing systems, your locations, your reporting. Whether you need one seamlessly integrated business solution or individual modules, Genesis Financial Suite is built on the adaptable, scalable FileMaker platform so it works with what you have already and supports where you need to go.

The Genesis Product Suite

Genesis Accounting

Genesis Accounting

Designed by accounting professionals for accounting professionals, Genesis Accounting is the most robust general-application accounting package available in Claris FileMaker, and has been since 1998. Standard accounting and finance capabilities:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Journal
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Statements

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Genesis Business Metrics

Genesis Business Metrics

Genesis Business Metrics unlocks your data with visual tools, dashboards, and reports that let you:

  • Demystify accounting and financial data, building financial literacy in your team
  • Slice and dice accounting and finance data to obtain the most accurate information about your business and drive better business decisions
  • Make sense of the past and strategize the future with budgeting and scenario tools
  • Free your finance data from its silo without exposing your actual accounting data to risk

You can work with any accounting data — including from Genesis, other FileMaker solutions, or other accounting platforms. Transform the accounting and finance data you already have into true business intelligence. Drive change through data.

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Genesis Transactions

Genesis Transactions

Genesis Transactions gives you a best of both worlds: start with its common business tools and customize as you need. As a highly extensible framework, Genesis Transactions empowers you to make the most of the FileMaker platform, and evolve its core business modules:

  • Customer management
  • Vendor management
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory control
  • Manufacturing control
  • Job management

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“Genesis is just perfect for us. It’s allowed our business to expand year after year and to maintain easy and close control over our expenses and receivables. Though our business has grown eight-fold over the seven years we’ve been using Genesis, it has never let us down and it’s still ideal for us. And on the rare occasions we’ve had a problem or needed some special help, Codence has always come through quickly and cost effectively. Thanks!”

– Paul Miller, President of Quell

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