Interested in hiring an apprentice?

We work with sponsoring clients to recruit and train apprentices.

You’ll pay for one or more apprentices and the program itself, and commit to a certain number of weeks (typically 12, but it can go longer as well).

During that time, apprentices will be a part of Codence’s team. We’ll manage them, train them, give them exposure to both your organization and others, and assign work. They’ll be accountable to us, and we to you. By the end of the program they’ll have had an introduction into software development and your systems — and you’ll have been able to assess their contributions and talents.

Once the apprenticeship is complete, you’ll have the chance to offer them a position with your team (should you wish) or at least have had weeks of an extra pair of hands on deck.

It’s a terrific opportunity to help jump start someone’s career in tech.

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