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Automation for the Greater Good


Environmental Litigation Group (ELG) is a law firm that represents individuals exposed to toxic chemicals. Committed to helping people who have been diagnosed with cancer and other diseases that resulted from exposure in the workplace or while serving in the military, they recognized that it was time to modernize their accounting practice.

ELG was growing exponentially because of their dedication to helping workers exposed to toxic substances in the workplace. They wanted an efficient and streamlined system to make their internal work efficient and accurate so they could continue to help as many people as possible.

Their earlier approach allowed only one person at a time to manage settlements, expenses to ensure that the plaintiffs, government agencies, and partner law firms were paid for their effort. This process could range between 7-11 checkpoints leading to hours of work per step. ELG continued to process and deliver checks to their clients promptly, but the manual work and inefficiencies in their accounting software taxed their internal resources. 


  • Headquarters: Birmingham, AL
  • Employees: 35-40
  • Industry: Law

Codence was able to help unlock a new world of productivity and efficiency through a custom Claris FileMaker application that automated a series of time-consuming tasks that seamlessly connects to Codence’s advanced accounting application, Genesis.


Codence performed discovery time around understanding ELG’s complex problems with solutions in mind. By spending quality time and asking insightful questions of ELG’s team, they were able to fully discover their processes and workflows.  

After getting a firm understanding of their needs, Codence executed a plan that created a detailed and automated check and balance by building a custom Claris FileMaker app that addressed each variable that had been processed by a human previously. 





More Client Settlements and Payments


of Hours Reduced


Their engine tracks the incoming money for each individual, holds accumulating expenses from their account from partner law firms, Medicare, and any other medical costs and legal fees, then calculated the total that the plaintiff would receive. Each step requires complex math, checks against ever-changing government regulations, and produces a final number that is handed over to Codence’s FileMaker-based accounting system, Genesis. There, the checks are processed and distributed. 

And all of this needss to happen at scale. New cases are coming in by the hundreds and thousands. Now that the process is automated, ELG is able to process more payments faster as well as fine-tune their daily routines.


  • The elimination of manual processing for thousands of client settlement checks each month meant that internal resources could focus on more strategic efforts and help more clients get much-needed restitution.
  • The ability to automate the processing of client settlements en masse allowed them to save hundreds of hours of work
  • Able to serve more injured clients, increasing volume by over 300% thanks to customer automation processed by a custom app built on the Claris platform
  • Multi-user access means increased efficiency and transparency across the organization

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