The Life Changing Magic of the Genesis General Ledger

by Andrea de Fraga - Business Analyst

Dive into our multi-part video series on the Genesis General Ledger Reporting tool. 

Obviously, life changing magic is an outlandish claim, but finding an easy way to mine your accounting data for answers can actually change the way you run your business.

Standard financial statements don’t always give you the answers you need when running a business. While they are great for giving you the big picture, sometimes you must delve deeper into your data to gain insights into your operations. Custom accounting reports are a great way to learn more and identify trends in your business. However, building custom accounting reports in most accounting solutions can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Many times you can’t even search for the criteria that make the most sense for your business.

Flexible Data Mining Capabilities

The Genesis 7 General Ledger Reporting tool makes mining your accounting data for answers quick, easy, and efficient. Our tool leverages all of the things that make a database program so useful. You can search, sort, and summarize on any combination of criteria. It is flexible and can pull information from AP, AR, and the General Journal all into one report. 

Overcoming Data Entry Challenges

Let’s say you have an accounting clerk that uses the notes field on bills for tracking expenses to sales reps. In most accounting software, this would be an insurmountable problem for reporting, but in Genesis 7, we would still be able to pull those transactions into a report. Most fields in Genesis 7 are searchable and by any criteria. That means that if sometimes your user put in initials and sometimes they put in the sales rep’s full name in the notes field, you can still run a search on both and pull in all the transactions.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

And that is just the start of things. With Genesis 7, you have the freedom to search on various key criteria, including:

  • Date
  • Vendor Name
  • Transaction number
  • Notes in the Description 
  • Amount in the Debit
  • Amount in the Credit
  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Any “Segment” you choose to use (Job #, Profit Center, Cost Center, Department, Facility, Division, etc.)

Intuitive Interface and Summary Tools

The Genesis General Ledger tool was built with the most obvious search criteria queries right in the default interface. Just by typing into these boxes, the information will dynamically change, finding just those transactions you are interested in.

Easy Sharing and Exporting

Once you have the information you want to analyze, our summary tool makes that quick and easy. You can choose how you would like your data organized and what level of detail works best for getting the answer you need. Sometimes the answer is in the details, and sometimes it is better to look just at account totals to identify trends. We put a lot of thought into the reporting tool, making the interface intuitive when selecting how you want to see your data. All of this information can be exported, formatted as you see on the screen, to Excel, or as a pdf. This makes it easy to share insights with other members of your organization who may not have access to the accounting software. 

Real-World Success Stories

While we utilize the General Ledger Report in our own business, the best feedback we have received is from our clients. One client had to run multiple reports from different parts of their accounting system in order to generate closing journal entries. With the Genesis General Ledger Report they are able to export the information from the AP, AR, and the General Journal all in one report. This information is exported into Excel and then formatted to be imported as a journal entry… also a very cool Genesis tool and a blog post for another day!

Unlock Your Financial Data

The Genesis 7 General Ledger Reporting tool empowers businesses to mine their accounting data effectively and make informed decisions. By overcoming the limitations of standard financial statements and offering flexible search capabilities, intuitive interfaces, and easy sharing options, the tool revolutionizes the way businesses analyze and utilize their financial data. Explore the power of the Genesis 7  and discover new insights that can transform your business operations.

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