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Sunbelt Cultivates Strategy with Genesis Financial Suite

Sunbelt Sales and Marketing is a promotion and marketing agency for the health food and nutritional supplements industry based in Naples, Florida. In order to meet the complex marketing needs of a variety of clients, its business model requires the effective management of multiple inventories, complex sales promotions, and countless details.

Outgrowing Homegrown

In order to effectively manage its business, Sunbelt developed its own internal data management system; however, as time went by, Sunbelt discovered that it had outgrown its solution. It was important for Sunbelt to have an all-inclusive and consistently stable management system in order to properly estimate projects, rightly structure its data, and produce relevant, useful workflows.

Reaping the Benefits

According to Elaine S. Beale, Sunbelt’s Chief Operating Officer, “Once we began working with Codence and using Genesis Financial Suite, it became clear that we could accomplish things with information management that we had previously thought out of reach.”

Sunbelt manages its entire business with the Workplace Innovation Platform from FileMaker and Genesis Financial Suite. Using a phased implementation plan, Sunbelt was able to utilize modules of Genesis to great advantage while simultaneously crafting custom features in FileMaker.

“The combination of FileMaker and Genesis really gave us a leg up. We didn’t have to start over, we could use Genesis and then develop just those features that were unique.”

Harvesting the Power of FileMaker

Through the thoughtful and incremental consolidation of disparate data, functions, and workflows, Codence and Sunbelt were able to create a well-tailored solution for their business that exceeded their expectations.

Their adoption of FileMaker serves as a perfect example of how a Workplace Innovation Platform can make a world of difference.

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